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7th June 2005

10:02am: June-tastic
It's been really hot, rainy and humid all week.
I left my passenger window opened last night and woke up to a WRECKED copy of Blood on the Tracks on the seat.
It's the kind of weather that makes eating seem really...labor intensive. I don't even think about it until the sun goes down at which point all I really feel like eating is produce.

25th May 2005

4:23pm: Ongoing identity crisis?
I think that I love roller derby. It gives me an excuse to still wear my punk clothes from high school in addition to giving me something to do.
I thought that I had completly gone over to the dark side fashion-wise. I own a retarded amount of 'nice' skirts, short-sleeved sweaters and pumps. EW.
My job has potential to be interesting, but now that tax season is over I spend most of my time dicking around online.
The money is good, but I don't know if the boredom is worth it.
I have a headache.
Current Mood: tired

7th February 2005

3:16pm: my 26th trip around the sun
So this is 25. I guess it's a better place than the paralell universes that I shudder to think about. I guess that the lesson I've learned in all these years is to do my best to make sure that I'm doing things for the right reasons.

27th January 2005

2:26pm: Yay, a new journal
My old journal lacked privacy.
Am I eating-disordered? Yes, quite.
Do I have Anorexia? No.
Do I eat? Kind of.
Do I have Bulimia? No.
Do I throw up? Sometimes.
How much do I weigh?
Too much.
I wear a size 4.
I am 25, my fascination with dieting began long before the internet. It was a solitary thing, it was an obsession of calorie counters, notebooks, diaries, magazines and classics like The Best Little Girl in the World and Early Disorder (I stole them from the library when I was 8, I still have them). I have failed to outgrow these fascinations.
I aim for 500-800 calories a day.
I get alot of headaches.
I am an overeducated vegetarian.
I am a terrible snob.
Current Mood: aggravated
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